When Sarantaporo.gr was created in 2010, none of its founders could predict its course. It all started as an endeavour of a few old friends, but also with the seriousness and organization that gave a particular impetus to new things, unprecedented for Sarantaporo and the wider region.

A website about our village, a wireless internet access network, cultural events with the participation of locals, photo exhibitions-contests, a new culture of collaboration with our fellow villagers, our local village associations and the wider area. We do what we like and gives us pleasure. Sarantaporo.gr was our new identity and an opportunity for extroversion! The goals of the group: to mobilize valuable people in our area with a willingness to offer, to create a means of communication and coordination between us, to submit proposals for development and progress, to actively participate in the organization of events, the development of infrastructure and the opening of new ways that will help the local community grow and prosper.

Sarantaporo.gr WiFi Networks
Modern citizen-to-citizen infrastructures
How did it start, at what stage it is now, plans for the future

Read the presentation of our team from the Sarantaporo.gr Wireless Networks Workshop held on July 21, 2013 at Sarantaporo Pantelopoulos Cultural Center:

See the study / proposal for the integration of our wireless networks in the following link:

The Free Software / Open Source Software Company (GFOSS) in collaboration with the Sarantaporo.gr team are organizing a workshop on Sunday, July 21st at the Pantelopoulos Cultural Center of Sarantaporo village on “Sarantaporo.gr Wireless Community Networks - Modern citizen-to-citizen infrastructure”.

The purpose of the workshop is to inform how a wireless internet access network is designed, implemented and operates based on the experience of the Sarantaporo.gr team that implemented the wireless networking of 15 villages in the greater Sarantaporo area as part of the GFOSS Open WiFi action.

The Sarantaporo.gr team’s proposal for further development of the wireless networks in the area will also be presented and an effort will be made to mobilize the local community to set up support groups in each village, where a wireless network is installed. These technical support teams will have the opportunity to be trained and in collaboration with the Sarantaporo.gr team will have the responsibility of maintaining and developing their village’s network. At the same time, ways of working with local stakeholders will be explored in order to "embrace" this effort and support it for its further development.

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