After 6 months, the first Ashoka Impact program in Greece, in which NPO participated, is completed! On October 24 2016, the project participants will present to the evaluation committee and the public the work they have done all these months in the program’s framework. The seven initiatives involved in the program have had the opportunity to tailor their business plan appropriately, ensuring its sustainability, while adopting growth strategies in order to multiply their positive impact on society. Accenture and The People’s Trust are allies in helping participants achieve their goals.

Accenture has seven senior executives who have been monitoring the initiatives on a weekly basis, providing consultancy and guidance. The People's Trust, as part of its goals to boost entrepreneurship in Greece, will provide the 3 social entrepreneurs whose project meets the criteria of the committee responsible, financial support of € 8,000 each, in order to further support their business steps. Financial support is also linked to Accenture's advisory services.

The event will take place at Orange Grove on October 24, 2016 at 6pm.

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For residents, but especially for professional farmers and breeders in the area of Sarantaporo, opposite Olympus, in the municipality of Elassona, the weather is probably the most important factor affecting their daily lives and professional activity. This was also confirmed by a survey of questionnaires by professionals in the area during the current year (G. Klisiaris, 2016). However, the reliability of the weather forecast offered by various providers does not meet the citizens' need for timely and reliable information. For locals it is a common experience that no provider consistently gives a reliable weather forecast throughout the year. The consequences can be significant, such as last May with the hailstorm in Dolichi, causing damage to crops, trees, tobacco, vineyards and more.

Aiming at providing a reliable weather forecast for the area, has partnered with the startup Ex Machina1, which has provided a state-of-the-art weather station for this purpose. The station was placed at a site of the Community Network next to the village square of Sarantaporo on Sunday 14/02/2016 and, utilizing the wireless community network in the area, began sending online meteorological data to the known US network Weather Underground. There one can find the weather forecast for Sarantaporo from this provider as well as the current weather conditions in real time.

On Sunday 12/06/2016 we had the opportunity to be hosted at the National TV ERT at the "Double Glance" broadcast, where we presented our work on the development of the Community Network for open internet access in 14 villages of Elassona Municipality. We spoke about the opportunities and prospects that a shared infrastructure in remote and rural areas could give. At the same time we opened the debate on how information and telecommunication technologies can be used in the primary sector of our region and beyond. Press more to watvh the video.

We are pleased to invite you to the screening of the documentary "Building Community of Commons in Greece. A Documentary about The Community Network", which will take place on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 6 pm in the Vassilios Farmakis Mayor Hall.

The documentary has been shot over the last 3 years in the Greater Sarantaporo area by Personal Cinema with the support of and crowd funding through a crowdfunding campaign on the Goteo platform involving 88 people from Greece and abroad.

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