George Klissiaris
Administrator & Board Member
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George Kleisiaris is M.Eng in Production and Management Engineer from Technical University of Crete, Greece. He also holds a Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication from the Athens University of Economics and Business. Currently, he works as a digital marketing technologist, combining marketing and IT expertise, in a large group of Greek companies, focusing on industrial automation and robotic solutions for manufacturing and the supply chain.

George has an extensive background in community initiatives. In 2009, he initiated the volunteering team and in 2013 he founded the Non Profit Organization (NPO). As one of the NPO's administrators, he is responsible for the financial administration and general coordination of projects. Additionally, he is in charge for the design, extension and technical support for operation and maintenance of Wireless Community Network. He leverages his expertise to manage and maintain both the NPO’s administrative and technical tasks. Furthermore, he is the main driving force to ensure the community involvement and the smooth operation and reliability of the community network’s services.

He is passionate about IT and with multifaceted contribution is dedicated to leveraging technology for the common public benefit.

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