Postgraduate Thesis: "The Exploitation of Digital Technology as a Growth Factor in Remote and Rural Areas - The Case of the Sarantaporo Nonprofit Organisation"

The purpose of this postgraduate thesis is to investigate how a nonprofit organization, in this case the NPO, has undertaken the installation, operation and expansion of a Community Wireless Network in the greater Sarantaporo area, Elassona Municipality, in collaboration with residents and stakeholders of the region, can benefit the socio-economic development of a rural and remote area.

In order to achieve the goal of the present work, a brief review is undertaken of the peculiarities, needs and problems of a remote and rural area, in particular in the primary sector, which have proven to be a major area of professional activity in such areas. A brief overview of the nonprofit industry and their specificities is also included, exploring the potential for digital technology to catalyze the development of a remote rural area.

The project conducts qualitative research using personal interviews of people in the region who are directly or indirectly related to the primary sector, with the aim of investigating its needs and problems in the wider Sarantaporo area, particularly in terms of productivity and information / knowledge management and the role that ICT can play in facing / solving these problems.

As a result of this study, a marketing plan is formulated for NPO as a proposal for its further future development.

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