Saturday 10 December 2022, Tavern "The Throne", Pythio, Elassona, Greece at 20:30

The Non Profit Organization invites Sarantaporo,gr Wireless Community Network members, friends and everyone interested to participate in our network in a social event of reunification of our community, leaving behind the difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic, which kept us at a distance for almost 3 years.

At our event, as in the previous ones, we will have the chance to discuss with each other, share the news of our community, celebrate our recent award by the global organization IEEE, inform the community about the plans to upgrade our network in the coming period and of course we will all have fun together.

The evening includes live music, the exquisite cuisine of the tavern "Thronos", local wine for our fun and a lot of dancing! Musically we will be accompanied by: Giannis Markopoulos - harmonium, Ziogas Panagiotis - bouzouki, Vangelis Giavroutas - guitar vocals.

The entrance fee to the event is €13 per person and includes food, drink and music.


The lucky members of our community, will win, through an electronic draw, 10 laptops, which we got from the Luxembourg-based European Court of Auditors (ECA), as part of their programme to donate decommissioned but functional IT equipment, which promotes reuse and recycling. The lottery will be exclusively for the members of our community and the lottery will take place during the event, using the list of our community members and the service.


For the best organization of the event, please register your participation in time online by filling out the contact form that you will find at the following link:


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