The Development and Management Team of has taken action to establish wireless access networks in the neighboring villages of Flambouro and Gerania as part of the OpenWiFi action of GFOSS, which supplied part of the necessary telecommunications equipment.

The installation and operation of the wireless networks in the villages of Flambouro and Gerania took place on 2 and 3 June 2012 respectively.

Flambouro village, Elassona Municipality

The Flambouro proposal provided for 10 routers that were all received by GFOSS. The Flambouro Open Access Wireless Network was commissioned on Saturday, June 2, 2012, at the village’s festival, with the activation of the first 9 routers (the 10th ready to be installed wherever there is a blank space) in collaboration between Flambouro MES and the team.


Gerania village, Elassona Municipality

The Gerania’s proposal provided for 10 routers, all of which were received by the GFOSS. The Gerania Open Access Wireless Network was launched on Sunday, June 3, 2012 with the activation of all 10 routers, in collaboration with the Gerania MES and the team.

Giannota village, Elassona Municipality

The network installation and pilot operation in Giannotta is planned for the near future, which is the last village in the area for which a wireless network is planned by team:

The proposal for Giannotta, in collaboration with the Giannotta Cultural Association "Nikotsaras", envisioned 10 routers, all of which were received by GFOSS. Configuration and pre-configuration of wireless routers has already been completed, while installation and piloting are expected in the summer and once the technical issue of internet connection is resolved.

The Team feels the need to express its gratitude both to GFOSS for providing the routers and to the members of the local cultural organizations, especially to Babis Englezos (GFOSS), Giannis Alexiou (Flambouro) and Yannis Paschos (Giannotta) for their excellent cooperation and contribution to the programming and implementation of the wireless networks.

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