During the recent months something extraordinary has been happening with the wireless community network Sarantaporo.gr. Starting in May 2017, on the occasion of a grant from The People's Trust, Sarantaporo.gr team began upgrading the backbone network equipment and switching to next-generation wireless networking technologies for better access within the settlements. The results are impressive in several villages involved in the project, especially in those, where the residents have decided to invest themselves in the purchase of new equipment (eg. Sarantaporo, Mikro Eleftherochori, Kokkinopilos). The speed of the network is clearly upgraded, so that even more of our fellow citizens can be served, and at the same time the quality has improved significantly, with an even more stable and reliable connection.

The improvement of the network has resulted from the collaborative work of the Sarantaporo.gr core team with local partners (node-owners/volunteers) in the villages. Starting with the need for internet access and lacking technical knowledge, some of our locals approached the team and stated their availability to support and develop their local village network. Today, these people, having enriched their knowledge of how the network operates, have joined Sarantaporo.gr's local affiliates. Their participation enables them to oversee the operation of the network, react immediately and effectively in the event of a failure, participate in decision-making to expand the network, communicate directly with each other and with the coreteam of Sarantaporo.gr NPO via a private group of volunteers at Telegram designed for this purpose and of course enjoying significantly improved internet connectivity.

The Community network gives its users a unique freedom: to decide for themselves when, how and where to extend coverage, and to correct any malfunctions themselves. The only prerequisite is the interest and the participation.

To become a member of your local village’s team, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or fill out this orm.

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