The village of Sykea in the Municipality of Elassona is another case of settlement, as is the settlement of Akri village, which which lacks access to modern telecommunications infrastructure and the internet, even though it is located just 15 km from the city of Elassona.

The initiative and the kickoff meeting

At the initiative of the Mayor of Elassona, Mr. Gatsas Nikos, Non-Profit Organization made contact by teleconference on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, with a delegation of residents of Sykea village at Elassona town hall. During the meeting NPO presented its work so far and the impact it has on the local community and planned the first steps of integrating the local community of Sykeon into the wireless community network of In cooperation with the residents of the village we plan to implement the expansion of the Community network as a common good. This network expansion will help to bridge the digital divide and will provide an exit path for the village from digital isolation.

Internet access is a human right

We strongly believe that internet access is a human right, which must be guaranteed by using existing public infrastructure and resources in order to offer citizens equal access to the digital era. In the midst of the on-going corona-virus health crisis, digital isolation is becoming even more difficult due to the increased needs for remote education, teleworking and access to information and public online services.

Therefore, in cooperation with the University of Thessaly, the residents of the villages and local stakeholders, we fight to ensure basic internet access for all residents of isolated villages in which there is no alternative internet access from a commercial provider.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Elassona

According to the public statement of the mayor, Mr. Gatsas, Municipality of Elassona fully supports the expansion of the community network in the village of Sykea, The implementation of the expansion will take place with the participation of the residents of the village, following relevant training that will be carried out by members of commons network community.

Citizens' Community Networks bridge the digital divide

During this period of home restricted quarantine that we are experiencing in the midst of the pandemic, no citizen is allowed to remain excluded in the shadow of digital isolation. Community networks around the world, such as the wireless community network, offer citizens the opportunity to bridge the digital divide by building their own telecommunications infrastructure as a common good.

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