"From the 813 applications we received, we selected representatives from the 50 most innovative, bold and inspiring ideas to take part in the first Idea Camp organized by the ECF."

With this statement the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) announces the completion of the first phase of the Idea Camp competition in which Sarantaporo.gr NPO has submitted a proposal outlining our vision for the further development of wireless community networks in our area. Our idea was one of 50 selected out of 813 nominations to qualify for the next (and final) phase of the € 10,000 prize competition.

Through this qualification a representative of our team will attend the 3-day Idea Camp conference in Marseilles, France from 23 to 25 October 2014, where he will meet and network with representatives of teams from 23 European and Mediterranean countries. The Idea Camp is a space for collaboration and brainstorming, organized on the principles and spirit of an open and free culture.

In this conference we will present the work that has been done with the development of the Sarantaporo.gr wireless community networks as well as our vision for the continuation of this project. Our presentation will be published on the ECF site as well as at ecflabs.org, a platform that provides a space for people with ideas from the global community. Our involvement in this is a first-class opportunity to exchange views and ideas, to build partnerships at European and Mediterranean level, and to develop synergies between the project we are currently implementing (Confine) with other projects developed by other leading teams involved. At the same time, it is an opportunity to promote our region in a pioneering European-level event, especially if we are able to qualify for the finals that will be awarded for the idea and its implementation.

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