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"Free software communities, hackerspace collectives and do-it-yourself groups, alternative communities, movements for free access to knowledge, for the free internet but for a creative recapture of public space ... What do they have in common? Are they coincidences, random, unrelated cases or are they expressions of a new culture with all its contradictions and opportunities for regeneration? Signs of an emerging and created world within on the outskirts of the old, from new subjective subjectivities and like the lava through the cracks trying to create a new land? The documentary "Knowledge as a Common" tells us that, in Greece of crisis, knowledge communities create the world they want, within the world they want to overcome."

Vassilis Kostakis, P2P Lab & Foundation

"Intellectual commons flourish precisely at the heart of the cognitive economy, where capitalist modes of production are supposed to reach the height of their competitiveness and efficiency. This new way of producing, managing, and distributing spiritual resources emerges in the gaps and contradictions of capitalist intellectual production / distribution when people take immediate action and form self-governing collaborative innovation communities, with the goal of producing and managing freely accessible resources for everyone."

Antonis Broumas, Digital Liberation Network

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