The 3rd Solidarity & Co-operative Economy Festival will take place on the 10-12 October 2014 in the Hellenic Cultural Center.

As its organizers state:

“The first and second Solidarity and Co-operative Economics Festival, which were widely attended, left us with smiles, a lot of food for thought and an appetite for more action. Today, we are preparing for the continuation of this effort to network and exchange experiences and concerns between groups and to inform citizens about a different world, a world that is not only feasible and necessary but also real."

The team, having already met with some of the communities organizing and participating in the festival as part of the CommonsFest 2014, will participate in this festival presenting, in a related workshop, the work that it has implemented with wireless community networks in the wider area of Sarantaporo, by opening a dialogue with other collectives in order to create opportunities for improvement, cooperation and promotion of its activity.

The workshop will showcase the techniques and technologies used, the community building process around community networks and how the daily lives of residents through the use of the network improve, as well as some plans for future development. At the same time a short presentation of the documentary prepared by the director Elias Marmaras on the wireless community networks will be presented.
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Watch the promo video of the organizers:

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